Explaining EQUI in more depth

For quite a long time, we have been working on universal platform, that could give simple people really easy ways to earn money being who they are and even start their own business. We all know, there are numerous people around us who have to abandon their passions to make a living. World is full of unexposed talents we may never hear about. We think that’s just not right. World strives towards modern technologies to make everyday life more comfortable, but that does not really positively affect a lot of people we know. We have been through all this for years and if you look closer there are a lot of issues that need attention.

Well, we came up with a project that we decided to announce. That’s a full featured communication network with a simple mobile application, that everyone could use. It’s the simplest tool we could imagine which could help people around the world cooperate and get lots of benefits. It’s a simple way to buy or sell anything, a simple way to provide any services or get them. It’s absolutely up to you, how can EQUI be useful for your everyday life.

We have tried to explain what EQUI is many times, but it seems to be impossible to explain it’s functionality shortly.

With this post, we will try to explain it as much as we can in different aspects, and we believe you can add many more ways of how to use it.

1. First of all EQUI is a world-wide support ticketing system.

You can post a ticket with your requirements in corresponding category and location, and everybody subscribed to this category and location will receive it and give you feedback.

2. EQUI is a search engine

You can post a ticket with text explaining what are you looking for in corresponding category and location, all people subscribed to that category/location will be able reply with corresponding information. So it’s like you initiate your searches very precisely and answers you get are generated by people.

3. EQUI is a news distribution system.

You can be a news-maker or you may subscribe to news. Let’s say you subscribe to NEWS category in your territory/location and there are independent news-makers who post tickets with news which you will automatically receive. You may be able to receive both official and unofficial news in the same space.

4. EQUI is a reporting system.

You could post a ticket in some category related to your city governing bodies and your location about a damaged lighting pole in the street, post text explaining situation and a picture for instance, corresponding bodies would be able to better analyze the situation and respond to the issue. Same goes with many other reporting situations you can imagine.

5. EQUI is a trading platform

You can subscribe to several categories in your location or choose any location you are ready to serve and receive product or service inquiries from around the world and respond to them with offers. Customers will be just coming at your door.

With future additions of video support and video streaming, you would be able to virtually walk your customers through your store. It’s absolutely limitless.If you understand how EQUI works, you’ll definitely make that list longer. As we mentioned many times before, it’s absolutely up to you how will you use EQUI!

We’ll explain each of above listed functionalities in other articles within our blog.

Let’s just go a bit deeper with a simple example, to understand it in more details. This is taken from one of our explanations on BitcoinTalk forum, quoted as it is:

If you ever had any experience with support ticket systems, that would make things even more clearer.

So in support system, whenever you have a problem, you submit a ticket (explaining your problem), which is forwarded according to it’s category, which you have chosen (will it be IT support, Plumbing or whatever),
this ticket is automatically forwarded to corresponding person in corresponding field (plumber gets the ones with plumbing category), and then interaction begins, until issue is resolved and ticket is closed.

That’s actually the base and basic functionality on EQUI.

Let’s do a simple case study and compare how things are and how things can be (This is general, countries differ, situations differ)

Let’s assume the person is a good photographer, willing to work and expand. What are his options to get more customers?

1. He makes a Facebook page with some portfolio, also does other social networks

2. He makes profiles on several major photography oriented portals

3. He posts some free ad on local platforms

4. Word of mouth, real world scenarios and so on

We’re talking about a simple person, a really good photographer, uses smartphone.

Social networks without boost are a no go and there are no guarantees whatsoever. But still you pay money, it may do some feedback, it may not. As soon as you stop boosting, feedback will go down. And he’s doing this post not for likes, he’s looking for a job.

That’s it, without budget for your own marketing, you’re not actually going anywhere. I’ll keep reminding you that we’re talking about super simple person with great skills. Marketing is not his job, he doesn’t even want to get familiar with it, though everyone will say that he has to, because there is no other way.

So here is what EQUI does in that case. We say that he doesn’t have to go through all that marketing and PR stuff and pay anything at all.

What he does, is that he just subscribes to let’s say category called “Photography” in his home country. He mentions both, the category and location. That’s it, there’s nothing else to be done.

At the same time, people who need a photographer would just create a “TICKET” (like in ticket systems, you create a ticket when you need something), they would put some text in the ticket like “I have a wedding in couple months, am looking for a great photographer”, mentions category (photography let’s say as the person is looking for a photographer) and location (home country, where the service is needed).

So what we have here is that both sides did a super simple procedure. and our photographer guy instantly gets notification, that there is a new ticket in his category that needs to be served, and he goes to that ticket, leaves comments and has direct communication with his customer. There may be 10 other photographers subscribed in the same location for the same category, and they all will communicate with the customer in the same space. Customer will be able to choose whom he wants to follow, photographers will read each other’s comments and will much better realize what is happening on their market in their field. They will have to win the customer in the most fair way possible. It’s like they are all in the same room and they are all offering and the customer can decide. There’s much more than that what a small ticket like that can initiate. This ticket is a free market analysis for all of them, they will see who is offering what and so on and so on, just free your imagination on any field you will see what it can do.

Alright, let’s leave that , you’re not looking for a photographer, but you can just submit a ticket in photography category in your location and just ask for advice, like “which camera is best for 500$ for a newbie?”, well i believe lots of photographers subscribed to that category will give you a feedback, they will work to build their communities. It’s all about interaction.

Telling stories seems to be the best way we know to explain our project. We want people to feel, what can this platform do for them, to understand the simple principles and let them decide how can this be good for them.

Whatever has motivated us to start EQUI, is our own life experience, we just pursue our dreams to make this world a better place to live and we think we can have some impact on that.

We hope, we gave you a brief overview of what we do, and maybe you’ll find that interesting, and maybe someday our platform will serve your needs. We’ll see.