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Total Investments

1.37125092 BTC
Crowdsale Total - 350,000,000 EQUI Tokens
1 EQUI Token - 0.000037 BTC

Minimum Goal – 550 BTC                   Maximum Goal – 12950 BTC
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  • EQUI is a world-wide support ticketing system.

    You can post a ticket with your requirements in corresponding category and location, and everybody subscribed to this category and location will receive it and give you feedback.

  • EQUI is a search engine

    You can post a ticket with text explaining what you are looking for in corresponding category and location; People subscribed to that category/location will be able reply with corresponding information. So it’s like you initiate your searches very precisely and answers you get are generated by people. And you can interact with the answers. You can keep on communication and get in-depth details.

  • EQUI is a news distribution system.

    You can be a newsmaker or you may subscribe to news. Let’s say you subscribe to NEWS category in your territory/location and there are independent newsmakers who post tickets with news which you will automatically receive. You may be able to receive both official and unofficial news in the same space. That can probably boost quality of news, as you will be able to compare different sources in one space.

  • EQUI is a trading platform

    You can subscribe to several categories in your location or choose any location you are ready to serve and receive product or service inquiries from around the world and respond to them with offers. Customers will be just coming at your door.

  • EQUI is an activity organizer

    You can post a ticket to a corresponding category and location, just saying, that you plan to go hiking around your area and you’re looking for companions who you’d be happy to team up with. Interested people would respond and you could make it happen in minutes. You can even create a ticket, that you’re going to hangout and would like to have a company, it’s all up to you what kind of activity will you plan. You can use EQUI to meet new people. You can even use EQUI as a dating service. Why not? You can post a ticket that you’re looking for a blind date, all the rest is up to you and people subscribed to the same category.

Jul 14, 2016

EQUI Project Start

Oct 16. 2016

EQUI App Design & Development Started

May 22, 2017

Start of Preparation for EQUI ICO

Jul 20, 2017

EQUI ICO Announcement

Aug 15, 2017


Sep 15, 2017


Sep 25, 2017

EQUI Mobile App Official Public Launch on iOS | Start of Worldwide Marketing Campaign

Nov 1, 2017

EQUI Mobile App Official Public Launch on Android

Feb 15, 2017

Wallet Integration

Aug 1, 2018

EQUI Business Official Launch on All Three Platforms (Web, Mac, PC)

Nov 1, 2018

EQUI Business Mobile App for iOS & Android

Dec 1, 2018

EQUI Experimental Trading Platform Official Launch

- More than 13 years in business ownership and management. - Co-owner of several companies in entertainment industry including country’s leading professional A/V distribution and Integration Company. - Over 10 years of technical project management experience in real estate development market. - Extensive experience in small business process management and efficiency improvement. - Technical advisor for numerous projects. Supported and consulted different local small businesses in integrating modern technological tools for boosting business efficiency and reach significant cost savings. - Over 5 years in building efficient supply chains for different kinds of businesses. - Author of several government educational programs in field of TV/Entertainment industry. - Investor in Yappe.
Vladislav Turiashvili
- More than 10 years in commercial project development. - Over 6 years in iOS application development. - Designed, created and successfully launched numerous existing commercial platforms including SkyWays airline ticket portal owned by Discovery, Georgia’s largest provider of the ground services in the aviation sector and travel Industry. - Consulted and supported more than 100 small businesses on benefits of modern technologies and online marketing. - 5 years in high-tech retail market. - 2010-2015, co-owner and CEO of Yappe, a web based multifunctional social platform with business features, which later was transformed to EQUI. - Owns several concept street food businesses.
Alexander Siria