Using EQUI to reach investors for your ICO in the most efficient way ever

This is going to be easy.

You subscribe for ICO category.

There’s nothing else you need to do. You don’t need to spend your money trying to reach interested people. You no longer need to deal with click farms, fake accounts, hype etc…
As we are in the middle of our ICO, we already know many challenges, confusions, issued and uncertainties this procedure brings. So we decided to tell you what it would be if we could use EQUI for this purpose.

Investors need to be sure about you. They need to know you. They need to know what you can offer. They need to trust you! They need to be in contact and be able to communicate!

So every Investor interested to invest in an ICO, would just create a ticket in ICO category and ask for offers.

So what happens next is that ICO teams would comment to every ticket offering their ICO and explaining, why should investor considering them.

For the investor, that ticket would become a single space for communication with all available offers. He’s able to chat with the one he is interested in. He does not need to go anywhere else, he has his own ecosystem for communication with ICO teams. We could tailor each subcategory for it’s needs according to ways it would be used. In this case, we could limit users to post 1 reply per ticket in ICO, meaning that it’s your only chance as an ICO to present yourself; investor’s decision to contact you for more information would be solely made based on your micro-presentation. That would make ICO teams be more specific and more centered instead of just spamming the net.

We have to do the same, we have to use any available means to reach out to potential investors and that involves a lot of unnecessary and inefficient actions, but there’s no other way to do that.

Currently ICO teams do advertising and involve in communication to get investors. More money ICO has, more potential it has to attract investors, even if it’s a scam. We can all see it became a bit messy on social networks and other informational platforms (blogs, chats, etc…)

We have been offered a lot of services to make the ICO more popular and gain more investors for some certain payment, which is quite pricey and no real guarantees are made.

Balance is disturbed.

With EQUI, ICO teams will be supplied with direct communication with interested persons only. Imagine, that your ICO website has a “subscribe for our ICO to get more information” button, that all ICOs have, and 100% of your website visitors push that button and subscribe as they are really planning to invest. That’s basically what EQUI does but in a bit different manner. Wouldn’t that be the most efficient way? Wouldn’t it be great to get communication only from 100% interested people?

Every ticket that would arrive to your feed would be an investor who plans to invest. That’s the only reason he made that ticket. So it’s up to you, will you serve him or not. If your ICO is really that good and you’re not going to scam people, wouldn’t you fight for every single investor? Well we don’t know about you but we would!

Investors would be able to do direct communication with every potential ICO. It’s like we move power to the hands of investors and ICO teams will need to work with every single potential investor and build trust. At the same time, investors, who already found some interesting ICOs and did all the research and communication would rate that certain ICO, let others know that it’s legitimate and really interesting so other potential investors would be able to consider that too.

And the best thing about it – it’s FREE. Bringing EQUI to masses, would be probably the last marketing cost ever spent.

Just think of it! It’s not just about ICOs, everything can be done that way. This is how EQUI brings balance to existing processes. This is what we are talking about when saying that we make things upside down and it makes sense!

Questions? Comments? https://equiplatform.io is your portal to us.