Using EQUI to start your own business

Here’s a small guide on how can you start your own business using EQUI with zero investments, zero experience in business processes or whatsoever. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Let’s keep talking in examples, that will make things clearer.

So who are you and what are you capable of?

So you’re an ordinary person with low income, money you earn is never enough, you work shifts in a call center… BUT, you have a little sweet hobby, you can make a homemade soap from natural ingredients, but that’s just a hobby, you never tried to sell it or you did without any success. Maybe you tried to sell it locally, maybe you still do, but result is not enough, you can not abandon your job. You’ve made a Facebook page, but you couldn’t get anything out of it. So you keep working your shifts and your hobby keeps being your hobby. Successful marketing and PR for your hobby seems like unreachable goal.  

From Author: “I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve met a lot of people, there are millions of people who live that life”

EQUI offers you the easiest plan to get things changed, there’s no other platform, that can offer you the same, or at least we never heard of it.

1. You just download the app
2. You get registered with a very simple registration procedure (First year is free)
3. You go to your subscriptions
4. You go to category named “Personal Care”
5. You subscribe to “Handmade personal care products” subcategory, which is under the “Personal Care” category
6. Your subscription has location options, you can choose any country or multiple countries you’re interested to serve. Let’s choose all countries for the start

You’re done. That’s it.

What happens next?

Somewhere in another country, there’s a person, who works in a nice place, has a beautiful life, has traveled to your country before and just loves it. Last time he was in your country as a tourist, he bought some homemade soaps and was happy with them. Now he’s all outta soap. He needs more, he bought a couple on a local market, but that was not the same. He tried to find a way to buy it remotely in your country with help of the internet and all he finds, are different brands and companies, but he’s looking for a really homemade product. He’s looking for something exclusive and interesting.

He finds out about EQUI, and decides to give it a try.

1. He downloads the EQUI App
2. He gets registered with a very simple registration procedure (First year is free)
3. He creates a ticket, naming it “Looking for some homemade soap”, with text “I’m looking for some natural handmade soaps with interesting and exotic fragrances. I may need some in-depth information and samples, but if i really like it, i’ll be constantly buying it, please contact me if you have anything to offer. Not interested in brand products, I’m looking for a homemade product”.
4. He marks several countries, which he believes are best in this field and have a lot of naturally growing ingredients that can be used in fragrances he’s interested in.
5. He chooses category and subcategory, that best fits his requirement, which would be a “Handmade personal care products” subcategory under the “Personal Care” category
6. He also attaches picture of soaps he had before, just in case.
7. He submits the ticket.

That’s it, a very simple procedure, that can be done in just couple of minutes.

So your country appears to be one of the countries he placed his ticket for.  This ticket instantly arrives to your wall. You can instantly see it. There is no processing time.

Even if his ticket was created before you even did subscription, you will still receive it as long as he has this ticket open, meaning that he’s still looking for the product.
At the time of your subscription, there may be already several tickets suitable for your abilities, or there may be none of them. It really depends on how the network grows, but you don’t lose anything in either case.

So what you do next, is you comment on the ticket, you write something, that may interest your customer. Just look at it from a different perspective, the ticket that arrived to your wall is a customer that arrived at your doorstep. Start your communication, offer what you have, make your first impression. If he’s interested, he will open a chat with you, where you both can better get to know each other, you can build your trust, you can share each other;s contacts and continue your communication anywhere else. We do not limit you, it’s up to you. We are not forcing you to stay within EQUI app, we will try to make it a comfortable place for you (and we definitely will!) , but you’re free to go anywhere.

EQUI can bring customers to you, how you serve them and how you go forward is absolutely up to you. You will get ratings, you will be able to build your customer base. Sooner or later you will start using EQUI Business platform, where you will have your own store, you will build your brand and so on. The sky is the limit.

We did our job, we helped you reach out to highly potential customers, all the rest is absolutely up to you! 

The above mentioned situation is partially based on a real story. It’s just one exact situation, which we explained. But the principle is the same. You can think of your own story.

There are no limits!

Make your own story and send it to stories@equiplatform.io